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Transitioning to the Toddler Bed

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Well, I finally gave in and moved our 19-month-old into a toddler bed. There were a few reasons to me doing this. One, I was getting tired of him leaping from the top of the crib like he’s Tarzan. Two, I did not like the way the crib mattress was so hard to get out when it came time to change the sheets.

Changing his sheets was happening more and more often — like nearly every day — because he had learned to strip himself bare and THEN use the bathroom all over his bed. Laughing at it, no doubt! I have even had to put a huge rug down in front of his bed because I was getting tired of having to clean the carpet of his mess! It’s a lot easier to wash a rug, let me tell you. LOL!

The main reason, though, was because I thought it was time.

Yeah! Time to get up and play! Which is all he does when you put him down for a nap. He quietly gets out of bed and rummages around in his room. Each time I go to check on him, he is in a different part of the room playing … super quietly. I don’t even have to say anything, but point to his bed and he goes right back. He knows what he’s doing.

Thank goodness it is only during the nap times that he has the urge to get up and play. When it is actually time for bed, I say, “Let’s go night, night.” He then goes to his Daddy and says “night, night” and then to his sister and tries to give her a hug. He even walks to the room all by himself and gets right into his bed. I only have to tell him once that it’s night, night time and he goes right to sleep. Wish it was that easy for his naps.

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