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Kindergarten Reading … She Thinks It’s Boring

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My 5-year-old is doing well in Kindergarten. I couldn’t be more proud of her. She loves to do homework and play little math and reading games. She is getting a good grasp on the sight words they have been working on as well as the sounds the letters make. It’s when we start reading books that are sent home with her that she starts losing interest.

She loves her teacher and listens well. She loves to play “class” at home and pretend to teach her class of teddy bears, dolls and barbies. When it’s time to read the kindergarten level books, she loses interest very quickly. She rolls her eyes and does not want to try. Oh, but if I say the teacher said I was supposed to work with her on this book, she is all for it. If she knows it’s just me reading any other book just for fun, she wants to pick it out because she said the books from school are boring.

I did find a way to get her to read the books from school and like doing it — reading to her brother. I told her that her little brother wanted to hear a story and that he would love it if she read it to him. He does like to sit right beside her and see the pages, too. However, sometimes he likes to roam around the living room while she reads. There are some reasons why sometimes having her read to her 19-month-old brother is not a good idea. Case in point, see this video of her reading a book from school for only the second time. The video is funny, and I am so proud of her. I am just amazed at what she has learned so far from her teacher.

If siblings want to listen, it’s good to have your child read to them. BUT, if all they want to do is joke around and play, I think it’s best to just separate them while reading time is in progress. Looks like I am going to have to let the little guy pick out his own book for me to read to him while sister reads to herself. I just hope she can get through it without giving up and saying that it’s boring. I remember having to read boring stories in elementary … and I got in lots of trouble because I didn’t read the books I was told to read. I now know the importance of the simple books, but I didn’t when I was little. This is something I must have a little sit-down chat with my kindergartener about.

I tell her often that she is learning so much so fast with her teacher that when she reads a book by herself, it just shows how smart she is getting. That makes her happy. So, I praise and encourage … very often. After she is done reading her school book, I tell her that she can pick out any book from our own little library and I will read it to her. Sometimes she likes to point out all the words that she knows from the lessons in school. Her vocabulary is growing rapidly and I thank her teacher for that, too!

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